28 March 2010

Meeting David Harp...artist...cowboy...

This is David Harp from David Harp studio http://www.davidharpstudio.com/. I met David when he hired me to shoot interior photos of iron work he had done several million dollar homes for his celebrity clientele in Nashville.

I was invited to his family's home about a 45 drive north of Nashville, and there I got a glimpse of the man behind the artist.

David was raised on a cattle farm in Arkansas and came to Nashville with his wife and daughters as his daughter wanted to pursue a music career.

He has worked for one of the top music management teams, and had a hand in developing some of the most well know country artists.

David decided to pursue his love of the art of blacksmithing and started his studio on his estate just north of Nashville. He designs, creates and distributes his art to his clientele all over the world. His speciality is iron furniture, rails, lamps and very ornate pieces of art.

And as if his talents in the blacksmith trade were not enough...David is a championship cutting horse rider and works cattle and trains his own championship horses. I had the opportunity to see a cutting horse training session, he made it seem effortless. His connection to his horse was one of an artist towards his craft.

David travels both with his art and with his horses. He drives a custom Prevost bus with a mighty trailer behind....if you see him out on the road somewhere make sure you go say hello. He is a man who never met a stranger, and with his Hollywood smile, he will make you feel right at home.