25 November 2008

Bryan Touney

Bryan is a beautiful young man, inside and out. He came into the house, played on our piano and wrote a song with my husband! He reminded me SO much of an actor, whose life was cut tragically short, named John Eric Hexum. Hopefully Calvin Klein will see my bog and put Bryan in his next ad campaign :)

Samantha Kincaid

It was SO cold when we were outside taking these headshots...if you listen closely you can here her teeth chatter! Samantha never complained, unlike her photographer :)

21 November 2008

Taylor and Kimberly Cox

Taylor and Kimberly are both aspiring actors. They are with The Cannon Group, and I just know you'll be seeing alot of them in the future!

Rae Anne

I first met Rae Anne when I took her son Michael's headshots. She just took her Bar exam and I was thrilled she asked me to take her headshots as she begins her Law practice.

16 November 2008

Chris and Erin Royalty and Gracie

I just love this family!!!! I have known Chris for many years, and now I get to photograph his family. Chris and Erin pastor at I24 church in Pleasant View, and are due in December (it's a girl :)

04 November 2008

Laura and Eric

I spent a lovely day with Laura and Eric taking their engagement photos for their January wedding. We got some amazing photos, and I was so excited to get them on my blog. I am honored to be a part of such a special time in their lives.

The Wheeler Family

I have been taking photos of this beautiful family since their little girl was 3. It is always an honor to spend an afternoon with them.

Leslie Birdwell Pursley at The Rutledge

I shot Leslie's CD cover a couple of weeks ago, and then got to go to hear her industry showcase..she was amazing! Of course I had to take my camera to record the event.

Fall in Nashville

I was out on a walk this morning and was awestruck at the beauty of fall. I am not much for change in general.... the changing of the seasons usually throw me, but I have decided to really embrace fall this year.
Really, here we all are...in this great season of "change". My friend Brennen was talking about what an exciting time in history that we are living in...and he is right. No matter who wins the election tonight, the sun will still rise tomorrow, life will move on, and things will continue to change. Only God is the same yesterday, today and forever...and that should be enough.
Happy Fall!!