14 September 2009

David Harp

This is David Harp of David Harp Studios. He is probally one of the most interesting people I have ever met.... In fact I am starting a new human interest type of blog in the next few days...kind of a meet and greet of people I come across, he will be my first subject...so this is a little preview...you won't want to miss hearing his story. www.davidharpstudio.com


OK, I could probally dedicate an entire page to Sarah's photos....every single one of the images that we took were AMAZING!!! and believe it or not she is only 11.

Linda Hodgdon

Linda Hodgdon is a Speech Pathologist who has pioneered the development of using visual strategies for supporting communication. She has written several books, and lectures internationally.

Presley Wheeler

Brad and Barbara Wheeler gave birth to Presley in July and brought her to me a few weeks ago. She is precious and smelled liked an angel! I kept thinking of excuses to hold her :) I have been playing with making announcements so I made this up for them.

Tony (Juan Carlos) Insignares

Tony has done everything from Shakespeare to being a star Football player in college. His talent is limitless, and so is his star power. He is really someone to be watching out for. Tony is with The Cannon Group here in Nashville.

Zoe and Kylee

Zoe and Kaylee....I think I will just let the photos speak for themselves.....beautiful, beautiful girls.

The Cannon Family

Phyllis and Pete have been happily married for 50 years...I asked them the secret and Pete looked me square in the eye and said "she is always right" I love it!!! Their children had me come and do a family book for them for their anniversary. It was quite the honor as their daughter Veronica and I have been friends for many years, and I felt very blessed they asked me to be a part of the celebration by taking these photographs. Here's to many more wonderful years together Mr. and Mrs. Cannon!!!!

13 September 2009

Misty Lewis

The first time I ever saw Misty was about 8 years ago when she played "Piglet" with the Nashville Children's Theatre in Winnie the Pooh....I remembered her because of her creative interpretation of this magical character, and I as very excited to be doing her head shots! She is a very gifted actress, and lovely to work with!

von Togen's

Let me introduce you to the von Togen family...Mom Robin, Tyler, Jordan, Derek and Mikey. We had such a great time hanging out with them that we all hung out at my place and then went out to Dairy Queen for ice cream! Other than my boys of course, these are just the most handsome and polite group of young men! And they moved here from CA so you know we got along great :) Since I shot these images early July, they all have been busy going on auditions and booking some great jobs! They are with The Cannon Group Agency~TML.







Talk about time flying, I shot these headshots of the lovely Miss Rebecca the beginning of June. She is such a sweet young woman and I expect to see great things from her.