10 June 2009

Stacey Harden

Stacey is such a beautiful woman. Here are my favorite pics of her headshot session. June in Tennessee is hit or miss with rain, so we were fortunate to get such a beautiful afternoon to shoot her headshots.

Becky Garland

I love this photo of actress/dancer Becky Garland. She had so many different looks and pulled them together perfectly. She is such a pleasure to work with and I look forward to shooting her again (that sounds funny :)

02 June 2009

Cady Haney

Cady is an aspiring young actress with The Cannon Group. We had such a great shoot, and honestly, she did not take a bad photo. Blessings Cady!!

Granite Springs Lodge HRC Trials South Dakota

When my friends, Laurie and Kevin Yeo, asked me to come to photograph the trials of the Hunt Retriever Club at their hunting lodge in South Dakota...I said hey!...why not....A free trip to SD, I get to be outside and with animals...perfect. They forgot to mention the boxes of dead ducks. Once I got over the duck thing, I was really amazed how well these dogs were trained, and how they carried out the tasks with such enthusiasm and grace.
Their lodge was incredible www.granitespringssd.com ...the lake was beautiful and fully stocked (even though I fed more fish than I caught), the food amazing(I gained 5 lbs) and the company superb (nothing like hunting stories). Thanks Yeo's!!

This is it...the world famous Corn Palace in Mitchell SD. Every year they change the theme, this year was America's Destinations. Hey, I even got Cornelius in this shot.

Laurie and I have been the best of pals since we were 15. Gosh, 20 years (and then some)...she was a great assistant this week...thanks Laurie :)

I am so glad this photo turned out so dark...because it is not a pretty site...me..in camouflage...oh dear.

the lake at Granite Springs Lodge.

my first Pheasant ...and the age old question...why did the pheasant cross the road?????

Birds on a wire.

Los Angeles

Most of you who know me, know I primarily take photos of people...but I am determined to learn to shoot "things". During my last trip to LA I set out and well....here's a few good shots I got.

Paradise Cove in Malibu is one of my favorite spots.

I miss Camila Flowers in the spring.

My dear friend Brennen rode his bike over for a visit. This shot represents friendship to me.

Bayley goes to prom

My God-Niece Bayley went to Jr. /Sr. prom this year. Of course I had to go over and take photos of her :) She looked so lovely. It was yesterday when she took her first steps, and now she is a beautiful young woman with her whole future in front of her. I blinked....


Cameron and his beautiful Mom came up and spent the afternoon with me shooting his new headshot. He was so much fun, I really enjoyed our session. Cameron is with The Cannon Group Agency in Nashville. Best of Luck Cameron.