22 October 2008


I think I am becoming a bit obsessed with my dog :) I now know why people get these little dogs. If you see me out with a doggy stroller then you know I finally went over the edge.....isn't he the cutest????


I took some more headshots of Kobie. She is a beautiful young lady!

16 October 2008

Yates Cider Mill, Rochester Hills, MI

This Cider Mill is part of my childhood, and I took my children there last weekend. It was really special sharing this with them. As you can see it was a beautiful fall day, and I got some great photos.

Paolucci Family

I had the privledge of taking photographs for The Paolucci family in Grosse Point, MI this past weekend. We had so much fun, and the photos turned out beautiful. Here is a few of my favorites.

04 October 2008


What a beautiful young lady Kobie is! She is with The Cannon Group and I just know we will be seeing alot of her, as she persues her dream of becoming an actress.

James going to the English Country Dance

My son James went to an English Country Dance last night. I think he looks amazing handsome, if I do say so myself! Pride and Prejudice is one of our favorite books can you tell???

The Latham Family

I am so glad I left the chair out in the field after Leslie's shoot yesterday as I think the Latham family was nice and comfortable during their family photos! I have know their daughters for many years and it's a blessing to watch them grow into being such lovely young women. This is a wonderful family and I felt very blessed to have spent the afternoon with them.

02 October 2008

Leslie Birdwell Pursley

I had such a great time yesterday shooting Leslie's new CD cover! Her stylist Mila was so wonderful, and Braden Rawls assisted me, so everything went so smoothly. Leslie looked gorgeous, and had me laughing so much, I felt (almost) guilty having so much fun while working. The photos turned out BEAUTIFUL!! Here are a few of my favorites.